The way we experience and express ourselves as sexual beings is unique and can change during different life stages and circumstances. Sexual health as well as interpersonal relationships are basic foundations for our well-being. Positive sexual experiences and attitudes toward own sexuality can lead to fulfilled sexual relationships with both ourselves and others.


It is a fundamental right of every person to have freedom and opportunity to express own sexuality and to be able to fulfil sexual relationships in a non-judgmental environment that is free of discrimination and violence.


You may encounter some concerns about your sexuality throughout any stage of your life.


They may include the following:

  • defining and accepting of your sexual wants and needs
  • relationship problems
  • gender identity issues
  • problems with sexual desire, sexual arousal or orgasm
  • experiencing pain during sexual intercourse
  • sexual abuse
  • sexual development of your child
  • any other issues regarding your sexuality that may cause personal distress


It is possible to prevent severe sexual problems, which can lead to sexual dysfunctions, by addressing your concerns in time.


Sexuality is an integral part of our lives.

Let yourself explore your potential.