Is your quality of life affected by your sexuality? Do you feel distressed?


Sexuality is a combination of physical and psychological processes. When you are feeling anxious, stressed or depressed, your sensual relationships may suffer. A history of sexual trauma, having fears or negative beliefs may also affect your sexuality. The counselling sessions aim to restore and improve your sex life and to help you enjoy satisfying and pleasurable sexual experiences. This is achieved by addressing sex-related issues and working on alleviating your distress or anxiety. During our counselling work, you will learn to understand how to gain more confidence and how to express your needs and feelings more effectively.



Are you confused by all the information on sexuality? Would you like to clarify your concerns?


The topic of sex is still considered a taboo to many people. We need to deal with many misinterpretations and common myths about sex. Lack of straightforward and practical knowledge may result in shaping unhealthy and unwelcome sexual behaviours and habits. During our counselling work you will learn how to overcome these issues and respond to them productively and constructively. The non-judgmental and supportive atmosphere during our sessions will allow expressing your thoughts and feelings without embarrassment and discomfort.



Are you concerned or confused about your child behaviour and sexual development?


Sexual growth is part of a child’s normal development and includes curiosity and body exploring. By providing your child with accurate and age-appropriate sexual knowledge you, as a parent, can support your child’s healthy sexual development. During counselling sessions, you will receive the relevant information to learn the differences between sexual behaviour typical for your child’s age and those behaviours that may signal a problem.



Sex therapy is available for anyone in need of psychological counselling, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, education, or background.

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